A big salute and a heartfelt thank you to our Transport Industry

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The recent Covid-19 induced lockdown has sensitized Indians towards the enormous contribution of health workers, police personnel, public officials, shopkeepers etc. But an important segment of selfless contributors have unfortunately gone unnoticed. These are the lacs of truck drivers, who have kept the core Indian supply chain functional in these extraordinary times.

We sit in our homes, and take for granted the availability of essential commodities at our nearby shop. While enjoying this luxury, we should be aware of what makes it possible. It is made possible by truck drivers who ensure that goods keep moving between the various spokes of the supply chain: from the manufacturer to the warehouses to the distributors and finally to the retailers (shopkeepers).

Away from their families for weeks, these truck drivers were left stranded on highways when the lockdown was announced. Without curfew passes/permits, they have had to struggle for food and shelter as all resource-centres like Dhabas closed down.

We appeal to the conscience and humanity of every Indian. If you happen to see a truck driver struggling, please help him with food, water and shelter. 

And over and above that, it’s time to salute and thank these relentless truck drivers for being indispensable to the sustenance of our daily lives – especially in these extreme times. 

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