Drop in Diesel Cost for the First Time in 6 Months

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Diesel price has been slashed by 16 paise per litre for the first time in close to 6 months. As per the sources, state-owned retailers have reduced the retail selling price by 16 paise per litre.

A notification of state-owned fuel retailers stated that the diesel cost has been reduced to Rs 73.40 per litre which was once Rs 73.56 per litre in the capital. However, the price of petrol remains unchanged at Rs 82.08 per litre.

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Between June 7 and July 25, the price of diesel hiked by Rs 12.55 per litre making it cost nearly as much as the petrol which had a severe impact on the Indian logistics industry. Petrol prices also went up by Rs 9.17 per litre during mid-June before freezing.

In Mumbai, the cost of diesel is Rs 79.94 per litre which was Rs 80.11 per litre previously. In Kolkata, the price is now Rs 76.90 per litre which was earlier Rs 77.06 per litre. In Chennai, the cost is Rs 78.71 per litre, which was once Rs. 78.86 per litre

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