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Madhya Pradesh, 25th August,2020: These words belong to a MP-based truck owner, Mr. Gaurav Trivedi who nearly lost his truck. On a normal busy day, Gaurav noticed something unusual while going through the WheelsEye app but little did he know that his business was on the verge of a huge loss. 

Before beginning, let’s tell you that in the technological era, the logistic sector of India is also constantly evolving to become more and more competent. Though there are many startups and companies developing technological tools to support logistics, WheelsEye is a company that instantly became the first choice of India truckers. According to the statistics, more than 7 lakh trucks in India are using WheelsEye app to reach new heights in the transport business. 

The reason being that WheelsEye is an integrated platform for all types of technological aid and solutions related to the truck business. One of the many features of the app is “Truck Kavach” that can protect trucks from being stolen. Lakhs of truck owners in India slept tension free during the lockdown as this feature prevented their trucks from theft. Using the feature, you not only get the exact location of the trucks but can also remotely turn off the truck engine in case of theft from the mobile app. You can monitor your carriers from anywhere in the world using a mobile phone. 

Now let’s get back to Mr. Trivedi and the case of his stolen truck. Recently, one of his trucks went to deliver a shipment in the neighborhood known as Ratahara. After delivering the goods, he noticed that his truck is going on a non-operational route. As he got suspicious, he called the driver of that truck. After talking to the driver, Gaurav got to know that his truck has been stolen by an imposter who claimed to be another driver working for the transporter and due to driver’s negligence, the imposter/thief fled with the carrier. 

As soon as Gaurav got to know, he immediately turned off the truck’s engine using “Truck Kavach” feature of the app. With the help of WheelsEye GPS, the nearest police station was informed about the location of the stolen truck. In no time, the police force found the truck and brought it to the police station. Further, Gaurav also told that with the help of WheelsEye, he could immediately realize the theft and recover the truck. The truck operator sincerely thanked WheelsEye and pledged to recommend WheelsEye GPS to all the truck owners in his circle.

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