Experts Reveal How to Effortlessly Manage a Large Fleet of Trucks

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It is immensely important as well as tiresome for the fleet owners to manage trucks and their operations efficiently. If not, the transporter will slowly begin losing control of the delivery of shipments, profits and the demand.

Worry not! We have Mr. Nitish Baweja, the Director of Operations at ARL Logistics who joined us for a highly informative session on truck management in the previous FB Live session of WheelsEye Technology. In the session, the expert revealed how a little planning and technology can help truck owners in effortlessly managing a large fleet of trucks.

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Here are the tips to help transporters manage a large fleet of trucks in India:

  1. Data Management Softwares: The director of operations at Ahmedabad Roadlines Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Baweja hinted that with the growing number of trucks in a fleet, data including PODs, payment receipts and others also increased exponentially. It becomes a huge pain for fleet owners to store and manage all that data. Therefore, a data management software can help fleet owners in effortlessly managing all the data related to the trucks. It will save plenty of time and resources for the transporters.
  1. GPS for Planning: According to the expert who is currently handling over 900 trucks for ARL Logistics, installing a GPS device in the vehicles will solve about 60% of the problems including:
  • Live tracking of the trucks can help in better planning
  • Route suggestions and traffic updates
  • Assessment of the trip (Distance, time and fuel consumption)
  • Anti-theft alerts
  1. Specialized Operations Team: Different vehicles require different sets of skills for proper maintenance and maximum efficiency. Therefore, it will be in the best interest of the business to train or recruit a specialized operations team for various vehicle types like open body container trucks, 3-axle, 4-axle or dumper trucks. For instance: A 3-axle truck will require people with a district set of skills than that of a 4-axle or a dumper truck. 

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