Govt Allows Registration of BS4 Trucks

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In earlier headlines, the government of India banned the registration of BS4 vehicles in order to promote the sale and distribution of BS6 compliant vehicles due to which thousands of truck owners who bought a BS4 vehicle were left stranded.

Recently, the Supreme Court of India released an affidavit allowing the registration of BS4 vehicles sold in March. While addressing the same, the court recalled its March 27 order according to which it had allowed the sale of BS4 vehicles for 10 days across India, except the capital.

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In the document, SC has mentioned a detailed list of vehicles sold and those registered. The data placed by the automobile dealers association in the court had been verified from the information available on the Vahan and non-Vahan states.

It further added that a total of 9,56,015 BS4 vehicles were sold from March 12 and March 3, while only 9,01,223 have been registered this year.

We hope that this article will bring some clarity in terms of the registration of BS4 vehicles. Please visit our Help Portal for more logistics related updates.

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