Know How’s Logistics Bouncing Back Amid Unlock 3.0 in India

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When Lockdown 1.0 was announced, the logistics activity in India fell to 5% of its average utilization.The government was quick to realize that sending logistics into a tailspin could potentially harm the economy. 

A series of early measures were announced during the first few days of Lockdown 1.0. These included relaxed statutory regulations, allowing restriction free movement of trucks and truck drivers, revoking the mandate of having a covid pass for truck drivers and kickstarting SMEs and Industries in the areas which were least affected by the pandemic. 

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With these early measures in place, the logistics sector started bouncing back slowly and steadily. Today, 4 months later, as we step into unlock 3.0, the government has lifted almost all restrictions on commercial vehicle movement. The sector has already achieved 80% of its normal utilization

Digging deeper into the state-wise logistics recovery data of July with WheelsEye, we found interesting trends and varied growth trajectories for different sectors & different states.

*Important terms to understand while reading the data

  1. Normal Utilization: Truck Activity before Lockdown was announced
  2. National Average: Average Truck Activity across India
  • Team WheelsEye had earlier observed that the north and west zones have always had a higher utilization of trucks than the overall national average (even during the lockdown phase). This trend continued in the month of July as well with normal utilization touching as much as 87.95% & 89.69% of the usual in West and North Zones respectively.
  • Meanwhile, the truck owners of South and East zones are still struggling as the utilization has climbed back to only about 83.26% & 81.84% of the normal utilization in the South & East zones respectively
  • Haryana has shown the highest and the fastest recovery across all states reaching 99% recovery in logistics activity
  • M.P and Gujarat in the west and West Bengal in the east have above national average trends, hovering close to 95% of normal utilization
  • Due to constantly rising cases in Maharashtra, it has been hard hit and has shown a slow trend of recovery reaching to only about 81.26% of normal utilization
  • Owing to poor industry infra Chhattisgarh has shown recover to the south of 67.72% of normal utilization
  • Kerala in the south also has below 66.36% of the normal utilization

We hope that this information will prove to be helpful to fleet owners across India. Please visit our ‘Help Portal’ for more logistics related news and information.

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