What is E-Challan and How does it Work?

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Most of the truck drivers must be familiar with the term, ‘Challan’. It is a term used to refer to the penalty charged by traffic police on truck drivers for violating traffic rules. 

In simple words, it is a receipt which is generated after paying a fine to the government. These days, a new term has started making rounds which is often confusing for the not-so-literate truck drivers/owner. The term is e-Challan.

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What is e-Challan?

It is an electronically generated challan with the help of Electronic Challan System. This system has digitized most of the stages of paying a fine.

How Does The e-Challan Work?

  • It is a CCTV-enabled e-Challan system designed to reduce the number of road accidents in India. 
  • A CCTV camera records footage of the ongoing traffic
  • If a motorist breaks any traffic rule, the act will be recorded and the police will extract the details of the offender from the RTO records
  • An SMS containing the time, date, location and penalty of the offense, is then sent on the registered phone number of the violator

Using this system, the government has made sure that not even a single offender goes unpunished. Therefore, it is very important for truck drivers to stay extra cautious of the road lights and speed limits on their route set by the government.

We hope that this article will help you understand e-Challan and its working in a better way. For more logistics-related information, you can visit our ‘Help Portal’.

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