Truck Drivers in Bangalore Demand Reduction of Diesel Prices

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On Monday, the president of the Federation of Karnataka Lorry Owners Association, B Channa Reddy threatened that the fleet owners of Bangalore may go on a strike if their demand of reducing diesel prices is not considered by the governments. 

Reddy said at the press conference that the Centre is levying exorbitant taxes leading to an ‘abnormal’ hike in the diesel rates. He said that up to 60-70L lakh trucks in India are engaged in goods transport, of which 75-80 per cent are owned by single truck owners. The running cost of each truck is 26 rupees per kilometer towards diesel. 

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“All these owners buy the trucks on a hire-purchase system and have to pay monthly installments or else the vehicles are seized by the financiers. When the entire country is suffering economically, the Centre’s decision to levy abnormal taxes on diesel and petrol only adds to the misery of lakhs of truck owners in India, curtailing their capacity to employ other people,” added Reddy. 

The lorry owners’ associations across the country have given a month’s ultimatum to the Centre for decreasing the tax on diesel cost, failing which they would go on strike.

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