Know-How to Apply for a Driving License Online

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Driving license or DL is an official document that certifies a person that he/she is eligible to drive a particular category of vehicle on a country’s roads.

The government has made it mandatory for vehicle owners to obtain a license before driving an automobile. But due to the ongoing pandemic, it has become very difficult for people to get a license.

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Check out the given below 8 steps to apply for DL online:

  1. Register yourself to
  2. Fill up the form of ‘Apply for New Driving License’
  3. Submit the form and soon you will receive a confirmation
  4. Note down the appli cation number before submitting the form
  5. Now take an appointment at the RTO for Driving Licence by clicking on Appointment for DL test
  6. Click on ‘DL Test for Online Applicants’ and choose a slot. 
  7. Select the time and date as per your convenience
  8. Once you have selected a date and slot for the driver’s test, you can go and apply for the test. Once cleared, you will receive a temporary license which can then be upgraded to a permanent license within a period of 6 months.

See, getting a driving license isn’t that difficult after all. Applying for a Driving License is just a few clicks away. Please visit our ‘Help Portal’ for more logistics-related information.

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