How to Check and Verify e-Challan Online?

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Talking about e-Challans, it is quite possible that the mobile number registered with your vehicle(s) is outdated or not working. Therefore, there are chances that you might miss the challans of your vehicle which is liable to be impounded if the challan is not paid for a long period of time.

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 In order to avoid such situations, you must follow the below given steps for keeping a tab on the e-Challans of the trucks:

  1. All you need to do is access the government website for e-Challans
  2. You will see a dialogue box with 3 tabs (Challan No., Vehicle No. & DL No.). Open ‘Challan Number’, if you wish to see the details related to a challan received by you. If you wish to seek pending notices or challans on a vehicle or driver, you go to ‘Vehicle Number’ or ‘DL Number’ tab respectively.
  3. After opening one of the tabs, you just have to enter the required information and click on ‘Get Details’.
  4. In no time, you will be directed to another page showing a list of pending challans and/or notices
  5. You can further print these copies for future reference and paperwork

Once you have got a hold of all the pending notices or challans, you just have to figure out a way to settle these notices for keeping your truck business out of the harm’s way

There are plenty of applications and websites that allow you to pay for the pending challans but you must not trust just any website for paying a legal notice.

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