Know How Truck Drivers Can Avoid Traffic e-Challans

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In order to reduce road accidents, the Indian government increased penalties for traffic rule violations. Therefore, it becomes very important for transporters to make sure that their vehicles are not violating any traffic laws.

And now that the transport ministry has  upgraded to an electronic challan (e-Challan) system, it is nearly impossible for traffic rule violators to escape the penalty. But how can fleet owners make sure that their vehicles are being driven as per the rules and regulations?

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Here are 10 simple steps using which traffic challans can be prevented:

  1. Hire experienced drivers only
  2. Complete all documentations (RC, Insurance, Permits and Fitness Certificates)
  3. Strictly avoid overspeeding
  4. Always allott 2 to 3 drivers for longer routes
  5. Maintain a record of the documents along with the date of expiry
  6. Paste traffic rules inside the truck’s cabin
  7. Always stay updated with latest government announcements
  8. Forbid talking on the phone while driving
  9. Instruct drivers to park the vehicle in case they’re unfit to drive

   10.Make sure that all the tools and equipment are in good shape

We hope that these 10 steps will help fleet owners in making sure that their vehicles are driven within the rules and regulations in order to avoid e-Challans. Please visit our Help Portal for more logistics related information.

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