Major Problems faced by Fleet Owners in adapting to Latest Technology

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On Sunday, July 10th, WheelsEye Technology organised a Facebook live session for understanding the problems being faced by Indian truck/fleet owners in adapting to latest industrial trends.

In the session, we were honored to interact with Mr. Ram Ratan Singh of Sure Group. One of the key things discussed in the session is mentioned below:

What are the difficulties being faced by fleet owners in India while adapting to the latest technology?

  • Lack of patience to see returns in productivity
  • Ecosystem referring to the people surrounding fleet owners, is not ready
  • The drivers and workers are not comfortable with change
  • Hiring of educated drivers is next to impossible

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Expert Mr. Ram gave a very accurate example: About 5 years ago there were no GPS devices and now when the devices are available, ground staff will destroy the electronics.

However if a GPS device is installed and properly utilized in a truck, it can solve the tracking problem. It won’t be wrong to say that a GPS device has become a must-have for every transporter in India and yet, we are failing to do so.

According to our expert, there is an urgent need for truck owners to adapt to latest trends and technology. If not then they are prone to lose customers and make less profits. 

Catch the full video here:

We thank Mr. Ram for sharing with us and being a part of the webinar.

Please do not forget to catch us live on our Facebook page every Sunday at 6 PM & subscribe to our YouTube & Facebook handle. 

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