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As we all know, automobiles contribute to about 40 percent of the overall air pollution in the country. Therefore, the government created emission control norms for vehicles referred to as Bharat Stage.

Bharat Stage (BS) Norms are the benchmarks for regulating air pollutants released by automobiles in India. Almost two decades earlier, the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change introduced the first emission norm labelled as India 2000.

Last change had come in 2017 when BS IV came into existence. As per the latest announcement, the central government has mandated vehicle giants to manufacture, sell and register only BS VI (BS6) compliant vehicles from 1st  April onwards. 

As per the Bharat Stage VI norms, diesel engines will have 70% reduction in NOx emission and 80% reductions in particulates matter.

Despite nearly 3 months of lockdown, truck makers have launched BS VI compliant vehicles for sale in India. According to automobile experts and manufacturers, BS VI vehicles will produce around 70% less air pollution and will be more efficient than the present BS IV vehicles.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that investing in a BS VI truck instead of a second-hand BS IV truck can save plenty of fuel cost.

Based on the European Emission Control Norms, Bharat Stage has been revised four times until now.

2000 – EURO 1 – India 2000 or Bharat Stage I

2005 – EURO 2 – Bharat Stage II

2010 – EURO 3 – Bharat Stage III

2017 – EURO 4 – Bharat Stage IV

2020 – EURO 6 – Bharat Stage VI

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