How to build Dependability with E-Commerce in Truck Business and its Advantages

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On Sunday, June 28th, WheelsEye Technology organised a Facebook live session with the aim of helping Indian fleet owners on what are the steps to be taken for a profitable trucking business.

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We were honored to interact with the President of Mituj Marketing, Mr. Bajaj and Business Head of PAF Logistics, Mr. Rajat Nagpal. One of the key things discussed in the session is mentioned below:

How to build dependability with E-Commerce in truck business and what are its advantages

  • Dependability refers to the ability of a fleet owner to deliver goods in a specified period of time, preferably hours not days
  • In case of any vehicle breakdown or service issue, a tracking team must be available to monitor it which will build dependability. Different clients and traveling routes should have different tracking teams
  • GPS locks should be installed for added security of goods
  • Vehicle Stop Points must be fixed and vehicle should be properly maintained for negligible possibility of a breakdown or delay

We thank Mr. Amit and Rajat for gracing us with their precious knowledge and for being a part of the webinar. We hope that the above insights will help the trucking community of India.

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