Do shippers start initializing the credit cycle by accepting the EPOD?

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On Sunday, July 19th, Wheelseye organised its 12th edition of Facebook live. The aim was to help our community understand the parameters to focus on while connecting and forming a relationship with big companies. Also what are the key things companies focus on while choosing transporters for their business.

We were honored to interact with Mr. Ingit Saxena, 22+ Years overall experience including 10 Years in Logistics.

One of the key things discussed in the facebook live session was that Do shippers start initializing the credit cycle by accepting the EPOD?

Companies are adopting new technologies and also expect their transportation partners to adopt the same.EPOD is a step in that direction but acceptance of EPOD is still very less in the current scenario. 

Currently it’s being used to track sale completion of their goods and whether the customer has accepted their goods. Since there are a lot of parties involved and factors like damages, delays etc are not yet solved by the EPOD systems, the credit cycle starts only after the hardcopy is submitted. This increases the credit period.

While some shippers have started initializing the credit cycle by accepting the EPOD but EPOD triggering payments to the transporters is going to take a while.

We thank Mr. Ingit Saxena for gracing us with their presence and for being a part of our webinar. We also hope the above insights will help our trucking community.

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