Parameters for measuring the performance of vendor/contracted transporter

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On Sunday, July 19th, Wheelseye organised its 12th edition of Facebook live. The aim was to help our community understand the parameters to focus on while connecting and forming a relationship with big companies. Also what are the key things companies focus on while choosing transporters for their business.

We were honored to interact with Mr. Ingit Saxena, 22+ Years overall experience including 10 Years in Logistics.

One of the key things discussed in the facebook live session was the Parameters for measuring performance of vendor/contracted transporter. 

That is, on what criteria it is said that the work was good or bad. Mr. Ingit  pointed out that there are 3 main criterias:

  • On Time delivery : Goods arrive on time is the most important for any company.
  • On Time Placement & 95%+ placement success : Company’s confidence in the truck owner is increased if the trucks are made available as and when required and according to the contract.
  • Minimum wear and tear of goods: Getting goods in good condition proves the efficiency of the truck owner and its drivers.

We thank Mr. Ingit Saxena for gracing us with their presence and for being a part of our webinar. We also hope the above insights will help our trucking community.

Don’t forget to catch us live on our facebook live session every Sunday from 6-7 PM.

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