Points to consider before attachment with contracted transporters/shippers

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On Sunday, July 19th, Wheelseye organised its 12th edition of Facebook live. The aim was to help our community understand the parameters to focus on while connecting and forming a relationship with big companies. Also what are the key things companies focus on while choosing transporters for their business.

We were honored to interact with Mr. Ingit Saxena, 22+ Years overall experience including 10 Years in Logistics.

One of the key things discussed in the facebook live session was the Points to consider before attachment with contracted transporters/shippers.

Points to note mentioned below:

  • Increase in Diesel Prices: Diesel prices have seen a steady increase in the last few months. If a truck owner makes a long-term agreement with a company, then it should be clear in advance that if the price of diesel increases during this period, will the freight be increased as well? And in what proportion will it be increased?
  • Delay in loading / unloading: Generally, companies impose penalties on truck owners when goods arrive late. But it has also been seen that many times the delay in loading / unloading is due to the company, which wastes the precious time of the truck owner. In such cases will the company compensate for the truck owner’s loss?
  • Payment delay: As per the agreement will there be a  penalty on the company for delay in payment?
  • Terms and conditions of the agreement: The terms and conditions of the agreement should always be read carefully as they can have serious legal, economic and business consequences in the coming times.

We thank Mr. Ingit Saxena for gracing us with their presence and for being a part of our webinar. We also hope the above insights will help our trucking community.

Don’t forget to catch us live on our facebook live session every Sunday from 6-7 PM.

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