5 Advanced Trucking Tools for a Secured & Profitable Business

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Although the Digital age and advancement technology is escalating costs of truck operation, the new technology can also save money in certain areas.

Here are the top 5 trends being followed by transporters in India for a profitable business:

  • GPS Unit

Every trucker knows the basic application of a GPS unit but the problem is that they don’t find its applications worthy of their time and resources. A GPS will not only enable live tracking of the vehicle but also allows in preventing theft and fuel cost optimization.

  • Instant Freight Matching

This is an advanced application of technology in the transportation sector. Using GPS, trucks can be instantly matched with the nearest freights/loads.

  • Front-Facing/Dash Camera

A dash camera will help in recording every detail of the road as well as the vehicle. Installing the camera will also lower your insurance cost.

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  • Temperature Controlled Container

Transporters carry all types of goods some of which consists  of food items or pharmaceuticals with minimum shelf life. Therefore, it is very important for fleet owners to have a temperature-regulated storage container.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)

SaaS means a company which allows users to utilize their software as a service. One of the many applications of SaaS is ‘Electric Log Book’ which can be used to keep track of drivers and the vehicle.

These are a few of the most advanced technologies being used by leading transporters in India. It has become inevitable for truckers in India to adapt to these advancements sooner than later.

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