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The biggest challenge being faced by truck/fleet owners in India is adapting to latest trends and technologies revealed Mr. Ram Ratan Singh of Sure Group in the recent FB Live session. 

Here’s what Mr. Singh has to say about the below-mentioned queries related to technology in the trucking business

Is Technology Helpful in the Trucking Business & How? 

Mr. Singh accepts that technology has helped in bringing a few positive changes like: 

  1. Fastag & E-Way Bill has saved time of the transporters 
  2. Average route duration of trucks has been reduced by 12% 

What are the Ways in Which Technology Can Help Truckers? 

  1. Accurate ETAs 
  2. Route Planning 
  3. Digital Logging of Shipment 
  4. Better Driver Behavior 

What Problems do the Fleet Owners Face with Technology? 

  1. Impatience in terms of returns 
  2. Work in Progress Ecosystem 
  3. Non-Cooperating Drivers 

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How Can Truckers Save Time at the Loading Station? 

  1. Know the most time-consuming part of loading/unloading 
  2. Latest technology like electric log device  
  3. Alert system in sync with GPS devices [] 
  4. Cost estimation of loading/unloading 

Suggestions for Fleet Operators across India 

  1. Use GPS for real-time tracking of the vehicle 
  2. Preference to ePOD customers 
  3. Focus on Turnaround Time (TAT) 
  4. Make proper loading/unloading plans 

We hope these answers will provide clarity in terms of technology in the trucking business. Please visit our ‘Help Portal’ for reading more logistics and transportation related news and articles. 

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