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People who own a single or fleet of trucks, are often clueless about the number of trips to make in a month for a profitable trucking business.

Recent research conducted by the analytics team at WheelsEye Technology reveals the average distances covered by different types of commercial vehicles in India. 

  • Average Distance Covered by Trucks in Various Indian States
  • Short & Long Haul Distances Covered by LCV, MCV & HCV

The above-mentioned parameters can help set benchmarks which must be achieved for a profitable trucking business. The research is a result of collecting and analysing the vast data of transporters across the nation. 

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Average Distance Covered by Trucks in Different States

  1. The graph shows the average distance covered by trucks in different states of the country based on their movement
  2. Trucks which are stationed at or operating in Delhi, traveled about 3000-3300 kms in a month.

Key points related to the estimate of average distance travelled in a month by different commercial vehicles across India:

  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) are at a higher demand in H.P., Manipur & Chhattisgarh
  • Medium Commercial Vehicles (MCV) make more trips in Haryana, Chhattisgarh & Uttarakhand
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) have a high demand at U.P., Chhattisgarh & West Bengal

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Short & Long Haul Distances Covered by LCV, MCV & HCV

Following are the benchmarks of profitable kilometers in a month for different commercial vehicles based on their journey types i.e., short or long haul:

  1. LCV(s) cover about 2500 kms in short haul and 5500 kms in long haul on a monthly basis. This implies that if a truck owner owns a light commercial vehicle then he/she needs to make at least 10 to 12 short haul trips in a month to establish a profitable business.
  2. Further, these stats also prove that Run Time Efficiency is extremely important for a commercial vehicle to be profitable. 

WheelsEye Suggestion: Truck owners must compare the distance travelled by their vehicles with the figures mentioned above. This will help in setting goals for fleet owners to yield profits in terms of distance (kilometers) by which they are lagging behind. This will map out a logical management plan for the commercial vehicles.

How to Increase Profits?

  1. Check your vehicle category
  2. Check the average distance travelled in short and long haul
  3. Assess the number of trips that you need to make
  4. Try to squeeze in the number of trips for increasing the run time efficiency

The research comes as a part of a fleet management technique that can help in making the transportation business profitable. Please stay tuned for more logistics-related information and updates.

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