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Based on a truck’s mileage, it is important to have a clear understanding of how many hours it will take for a truck to reach its destination location.

In its attempt to help fleet owners better plan their trips, Wheelseye introduced Parivahan-Trip planner. 

How to use Parivahan-Trip planner:

Input your destination and start point, along with your vehicle’s mileage among other factors, the portal will give you details on the following parameters:

1. Shortest route length

2. Total driving time

3. Fuel amount needed to complete the trip

4. Total expenditure cost of fuel

The route is also shown via map with a list of all the places (indicated by circles) and kinds of roads (indicated by bars), the truck has to travel through.

For example, time is particularly important in ecommerce, where Turnaround Time (TAT)  of delivery needs to be 97%. Trip planner can help you attain this TAT.

Considering there are no delays, a truck should be able to cover 400-600 km in a day. Planning shortest and more viable routes thus becomes critically important.

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