GPS Devices for Commercial Vehicles: How can it help the truck owners?

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Commercial vehicles transport goods which are extremely important to every vertical of the Indian economy. Thus, fleet owners spend plenty of time and energy in tracking their vehicles. 

What is a GPS Device?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a navigation system using which transporters can easily access the location of their vehicles through any device (cell phone) which is just one of its advantages.

Why Instal a GPS Device in Trucks?

  1. Prevents the truck from theft
  2. Shows the exact time of delivery
  3. Can help analyse the fuel consumption
  4. Shows multiple routes
  5. Enables locating the truck

Industrial Insights: Records show that installing a GPS device worth 1000 or 2000 rupees will save up to 5 times its cost every year in terms of fuel, maintenance and insurance of a truck.

How Will the Trucking Business Benefit from GPS? 

  1. Safety of the Vehicle
  2. Improved Productivity
  3. Lowered Insurance Cost
  4. Optimized Fuel Cost

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What is the Average Cost of a GPS Device?

There are multiple companies in the market with GPS devices starting at 3000 rupees. Every company offers a different set of services pre-installed in their devices.

WheelsEye Suggestion

In order to keep a transportation business up-to-date, every truck/fleet owner must install a GPS device. It not only enables tracking the truck but also ensures an efficient trip every time.

Fleet owners can also choose WheelsEye GPS Device, an advanced navigation system specifically for truck owners which is available at a much affordable price.

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