Transport Ministry Increases Dimensions of Commercial Vehicles: Will truck owners benefit?

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Recently, the transport ministry of India revised a bill according to which truck/fleet owners can increase the height of their vehicles. Many truck owners took it as good news while others got confused as it did not mention anything about increasing the load capacity but the height of the carriers. 

As soon as the word spread, we began receiving multiple comments and requests from our followers to dig deep into the matter and find out whether the relaxation on truck heights is actually beneficial for the truck owners or not. 

Therefore, we asked our experts to answer some common questions related to the announcement on our Facebook live session. 

Here are some common queries related to the revised CMV Act: 

1. What is the 6th Amendment of the Central Motor Vehicles Act and how will it affect the truckers? 

The transport ministry of India made changes in the CMV Act as an after-effect of the initiative of increasing the load capacity of carriers in 2018. According to this act, commercial truck owners can increase the height of their vehicles by 25%.  

a. Container trucks can increase their heights by 4.52 m 

b. Other trucks can increase their height by 4 m 

2. Will truck owners require any official document for increasing the height of their vehicles? 

As per the experts, truckers will not be required to submit any official document or declaration for increasing the height of their trucks. 

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3. Is there an extra fee for increasing the height? Who will pay for the modifications? 

Till now, the government has not declared any extra fee on altering the height of a truck. It seems like the fleet owners will have to pay for the modifications. 

4. Will it benefit the truck/fleet owners? 

As mentioned above, transporters are paid on the basis of the overall weight of the shipment and now when the height will be increased, truckers can carry more weight and increase their revenue without increasing the number of trips. 

We hope that this information has been useful to you and fellow transporters in India. Please stay tuned with Wheelseye for more transport related news and articles. 

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