5 Points for Truck Owners to Save on Tyre Maintenance

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When it comes to expenses, tyres account for roughly 20% of the overall maintenance cost of a vehicle. However, truck owners can save a significant portion of this expense by knowing about the factors which affect a tyre’s life and performance.

The foremost step to ensure a low-cost maintenance of a vehicle is to select the most appropriate set of tyres. Given below are the factors that must be kept in mind while selecting or purchasing tyres for a carrier.

1. Tyre Type

Using these parameters a fleet owner can easily decide whether the tyre needs to be radial, nylon based, all-season tyre (AT) or highway tyre (HT).

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2. Air Pressure: Incorrect tyre pressure and improper loading practices  cause rapid wear and tear of the tyres. It will also lead to a higher fuel consumption increasing the expense of a fleet owner. Therefore, truck owners/drivers must make it a habit to check tyre pressure before and after every trip. 

3. Wheel Alignment: A vehicle runs efficiently and smoothly only when all the wheels are properly aligned or running parallel. Improper wheel alignments can cause vibrations (left/right or up/down) and also results in damaging the tyres. Hence, drivers must get their vehicle’s alignment and wheel balancing done in every 6 months to ensure a long tyre life and low-cost maintenance.

4. Driving Behaviour

Driving habits to avoid for a long tyre life:

Therefore, it becomes necessary for drivers to follow correct driving habits and for fleet owners to educate drivers on similar guidelines.

5. Tread Depth: A tyre can be retreaded 3-5 times during its life cycle before being discarded or sold off. Thus, monitoring tread depth of the tyres becomes a necessary part of the maintenance process. Truck owners or drivers must keep a tab on the overall condition of treading on the tyres for avoiding accidents and ensuring a safe journey.

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