Government amends the MV Act: Commercial vehicles to experience greater benefits

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In the 6th Amendment of the Central Motor Vehicles Act, the Ministry of Transport has given permission to increase the length and height of several vehicle segments. According to the sources, the ministry wants to focus on increasing the load capacity of commercial goods carriers. Two years ago, the ministry allowed a 25 percent increase in the axle load of carrier vehicles.

As per the revised MV Act, a heavy-duty truck carrying a closed body load or an ISO Series 1 cargo container can be up to 4.52 m high. For other trucks, the height limit is up to 4 m which was earlier 3.8 m.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways said: “These amendments would provide for standardization in the dimensions of the Motor Vehicles which would be in line with international standards and a step by the Ministry to improve the logistics efficiency in the country”. The main reason behind the new rule is to increase the efficiency of logistics and to align it with global norms, added the source. 

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The bill also benefits livestock and construction equipment carriers; the bill allows to increase the height limit up to 4.75 m. In addition, the ministry has also modified the height limits for trucks and tractor-trailers.

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