Open vs Closed Trucks Recovery during Corona

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In this article, we compare recovery patterns in truck movement during the Corona lockdowns based on truck types. These insights are generated by WheelsEye.

Open Trucks vs Closed Trucks Recovery : 76% vs 63%


  • Open trucks saw greater recovery at 76% as compared to Closed trucks which only saw 63% recovery.
  • Amongst Open trucks, recovery percentages are greatest for 12 (80%) and 14 tyre trucks (88%). 
  • Recovery percentages across different tyred closed trucks is however uniform and hovers around 60%.

Exploring Impact of Industry Type on Recovery of Open & Closed Trucks:

Industry-wise Impact till now:

  • The disparity between Open and Closed trucks recovery might be reflected in the industries where these trucks ply. 
  • The essential nature of agriculture must have certainly caused better recovery across open trucks.
  • The surge in e-commerce deliveries during the lockdowns and a significant rise in the medical industry have helped take the recovery for container trucks towards 63%.

Projecting Industry-wise Impact going forward: 

  • Further truck movement recovery might greatly depend upon how different industries revive in the post lockdown scenario.
  • We see that the e-commerce and medicine segments might rebound quickly. This should help in increasing the movement of closed trucks.
  • Similarly, poor recovery in the construction sector might limit the progress in the case of open trucks.

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