A Deeper Evaluation of Trucking Recovery in India’s States

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In this post, we present Insights into Trucking Movement Recovery pan-India ever since the Covid Lockdowns began. These insights are generated by WheelsEye

Pan-India Evaluation of Trucking Recovery 

  • Currently in June, consistent movement is being seen across 70% trucks (as compared to pre-lockdown numbers)
  • Trucks on Medium to Long Haul Trips are at 60% as compared to before the lockdown
  • Only few states have achieved recovery in truck movement above 75% 
  • All states have achieved truck movement recovery beyond 50%

State-wise Evaluation of Trucking Recovery 


  1. Total No. of States in ‘Slow’ Recovery Category: 7
  2. Total No. of States in ‘Medium’ Recovery Category: 10
  3. Total No. of States in ‘Fast’ Recovery Category: 11
  4. Maharashtra, Gujarat & Delhi are the biggest contributors to India’s Trucking Industry – all three are in the ‘Slow’ Recovery Category ie truck movement has struggled to revive in these states
  5. Some major states where trucking has recovered quickly after the lockdown are: Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Kerala 


  1. Here, we see that the 3 states crucial for the Trucking Industry ie Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi have seen trucking recover by an average of 52% only as compared to 70% recovery for the entire country
  2. The average trucking recovery rate across Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala has been 73%

Is Trucking Recovery Proportional to Coronavirus Cases?


  • The adjacent graph clearly shows that trucking recovery has been higher in states with lower number of Covid cases.
  • Infact, 4 states which have contributed to more than 65% cases ie Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat have all shown either ‘slow’ or ‘medium’ recovery (refer map above)
  • The above is testimony to the fact that the key to trucking recovery might still lie in reducing the incidence of Coronavirus. 

Along with the above insights, one can certainly infer that an average trucking recovery of 70% is a significant development. It signals the essential nature of Trucking for India’s economy. We will aim to continue providing such insights to truck-owners in the future also.

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