NHAI takes Steps for Highway Maintenance before Monsoon

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The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has instructed its field offices to ensure fixing of potholes and maintenance of highway stretches prior to monsoon. This is an important step on part of the NHAI to improve highway infrastructure in the country. Truckers can hope to benefit from this initiative.   

Following efforts are reportedly being made to ensure timely action: 

  • Field officers are being empowered to identify the damaged stretches and to also take decisions for urgent maintenance without the need for approval from NHAI headquarters.  
  • A lot of focus is being given to facilitating the availability of hindrance free land. 
  • Monitoring of progress is also being strengthened from NHAI headquarters using advanced technological means. 

The trucking community would hope for the above efforts to make truck journeys smooth for drivers this monsoon.

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