Karnataka Exempts Goods Vehicles from Paying MV Tax & Two-way Tax

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Acting on the demands of the struggling Transport Industry, the Karnataka Government has exempted Commercial Vehicles (including Goods Vehicles) from paying Motor Vehicles Tax ie MV Tax for the period between 24th March to 23rd May. This has been enacted due to the hardships faced by the Transport Sector during the Covid Lockdowns. New Vehicles registered during this period would however not be exempt from paying the MV Tax. 

Moreover, the Karnataka Government has also extended the due date for payment of two-way (bilateral) tax till 1st June (without penalty) for Goods Vehicles entering Karnataka and which were registered in other states. 

Public transport vehicles (registered in other States), which are being used to ferry stranded workers from other states to Karnataka, have also been exempted from obtaining permits and paying required taxes till June 30th.

The above steps taken by the State Government seem to be necessary measures to provide some relief to the transport sector. It needs to be seen whether other states also take similar decisions to support the transport industry. 

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