India’s FASTag Mandate to prove Beneficial in times of Covid

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The Indian Government had made FASTags mandatory for all vehicles passing through toll gates at National Highways, starting from 15th January, 2020. Although the magnitude of the Coronavirus pandemic was unforeseen back then, this switch to Online Toll Collection will prove to be a massive enabler for maintaining Social Distancing at Toll Plazas. Infact, yesterday the NHAI tweeted about this:

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Fastags are RFID-linked tags which are affixed to the vehicle’s windshield. When your truck passes through a FASTag enabled toll gate, the RFID reader automatically reads the tag and the toll amount is deducted from your Bank Account linked to the tag. This seamless system thereby minimizes physical interactions at the toll plaza and also eliminates usage of cash. 

WheelsEye would advise all truck owners to ensure that their trucks are fitted with FASTags. It is essential to ensure that truck drivers take all precautions for social distancing and the usage of FASTags is an important part of such precautions. 

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