A Checklist of Measures to keep your Workplace & Team Safe

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During the Exit 2.0 (or, Lockdown 3.0) phase, businesses are gradually re-opening across the country. As offices, factories and warehouses resume operations, it is vital to keep in mind that the threat of Coronavirus continues to persist and necessary precautions should be taken. We have prepared a checklist of protocols which the trucking community (as well as all industries) can adhere to, during the next few weeks:

Measures for the Individual:

  • Ensure all individuals are thermally screened before entering the workplace
  • Wearing of Masks & Disposable Hand Gloves at workplace should be mandatory – help your employees by keeping a stock of masks and gloves in the work premises
  • Seating arrangement should be such that a distance of 5 ft is maintained between each other

Measures for the Workplace & Team:

  • Use sprays or manual sanitization to disinfect the workplace
  • Ensure hygiene in toilets by regularizing cleaning of toilets every few hours
  • Sanitizer Liquid Dispensers should be provided at all important points in the Workplace
  • Labour should be trained adequately for maintaining social distancing during loading/unloading activities
  • Vehicle disinfection should be made mandatory before loading/unloading
  • Staff above the age of 60 shouldn’t be allowed at the workplace
  • Anyone feeling sick should be asked to stay at home 
  • Measures should be taken to avoid any crowding 
  • Visitors should be avoided as much as possible

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