No Double Toll for Trucks With a Valid FASTag Due to Faulty RFID Readers at the Plaza

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Are you aware that vehicles having a valid FASTag with sufficient balance need not pay double cash penalty due to the faulty RFID reader at the toll? Not a few but many cases are being reported where truck owners had to pay double toll in cash as the RFID reader present at the toll plaza wasn’t able to detect/read the FASTag.

Leaving them in a tough spot where they had to recharge the FASTag wallet and yet, paid double toll in cash at the plazas. However, not many people know that the NHAI officials have a provision for vehicle owners stuck in such scenarios.

Click to view the official government notice:

In May 2018 way before the implementation of FASTag, MoRTH declared that if a vehicle user with a valid, functional FASTag or any such device with sufficient balance crossing a toll plaza with ETC infra, is not liable to pay Double Cash Penalty owing to malfunctioning of the electronic toll infrastructure. 

Moreover, the vehicle shall be permitted to pass the toll plaza for free. In such cases, an appropriate zero transaction receipt shall be issued.

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