Major OEMs Announce Warranty Extensions & Other Initiatives Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

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In the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown, major OEMs like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Bharat Benz and Piaggio have announced Warranty Extensions and a slew of other measures to support their customers in these extraordinary times. 

Commercial Vehicle owners and drivers have faced many hardships since the lockdown began. Due to the sudden announcement, lakhs of trucks had been left stranded on India’s highways with drivers struggling for food and shelter. As the lockdown progressed, many trucks stopped moving due to lack of demand from industries and also due to unavailability of drivers and workers. As per an estimate from AIMTC, out of 50 lakh trucks, only 16%-17% have plied on Indian roads over the last couple of days. Check out our article on how trucking mobility has shown slow but steady progress in the 2nd phase of the lockdown:

Another huge concern for truck-owners during these times would be the upkeep of their vehicles while they remain parked for long periods of time. Understanding this challenge, the OEMs have taken a mature step in the interests of their customers by extending warranties and free services – 

Tata Motors:

For its Commercial Vehicle Customers in India, Tata Motors has come up with the below initiatives. You can access the same in their website –

  • Two-month extension for free services previously scheduled during the period of national lockdown
  • Two-month extension of the warranty period for all those with a warranty expiry during the period of national lockdown
  • Extension of Tata Suraksha AMC for all those with an expiry during the period of national lockdown
  • One-month validity extension of all active contracts in Tata Motors Suraksha
  • One-month extension for customers to avail the AMC service, previously scheduled during the period of national lockdown
  • Tata Motors helpline, Tata Support – 1800 209 7979, has also been active for trucks carrying essential commodities, as specified by the Government, during the period of the national lockdown

Ashok Leyland:

Ashok Leyland has also announced extension of warranty and free service periods for its customers:

  • The warranty / extended warranty period of M&HCV models’ expiring between March 15- April 15, 2020 has been extended by two months.
  • Free services due between March 15- April 15, 2020 have been extended by two months as well. 
  • All LCV models due for service between March 1 and April 15, 2020 can be availed up to May 31st, 2020. Warranty that would expire between March 1 and April 30, 2020 has been extended up to May 31, 2020 while the extended warranty of vehicles, expiring between March 15 -April 14, 2020 has been extended until  May 14,2020.

Bharat Benz:

Bharat Benz has also announced a two months extension for warranties, extended warranties and free services during this period: 

  • BharatBenz vehicles with warranty and extended warranty contracts ending between 15th March 2020 and 15th May 2020 will have their warranties extended by 2 months.
  • Similarly, BharatBenz vehicles having their next service scheduled during this period (15th March 2020 and 15th May 2020), will also get an extension of 2 months.


Piaggio has also announced similar initiatives for its Small Commercial Vehicles:

  • Both the warranty and free service period of small commercial vehicles, which were to expire between March 1 and May 3, have been extended by Piaggio.
  • Piaggio also declared that customers can get their vehicles sanitised free of cost within 15 days after the lockdown is over.

Wheelseye would advise truck-owners to get in touch with their OEM Dealers / Relationship Managers to ensure that they also get to avail the extensions in warranty and free services. 

You could also follow these maintenance steps for keeping your vehicle in working condition –

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