WheelsEye Launches Massive Truck Maintenance / Repairs Support Programme

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India’s Trucking Community has gone through an extremely tough phase during the Coronavirus lockdowns. In fact, truck mobility still needs to rise significantly to reach pre-Corona volumes. 

Seeing the difficulties faced by truck drivers in this phase, WheelsEye has introduced a new service wherein truckers will be assisted in Truck Maintenance & Repairs through our network.  In the past month, since we started the service, we have helped thousands of truck-drivers access repair shops / mechanics / spare parts etc. 

We are scaling up this programme extensively across India and adding thousands of resources in our network of repair shops and personnel. We are currently Live in 15+ States with 2000+ Mechanics. 

Why has WheelsEye started this programme? 

  • We understand that poor condition of trucks is a huge deterrent in the lives of Truck Drivers and Fleet Owners, which thereby necessitate frequent repairs and servicing. 
  •  Sub-standard condition of roads also contributes to wear and tear of trucks which makes regular servicing crucial. 

Hence, in our endeavour to improve every aspect of a Truck Owner’s life, we have introduced this Maintenance/Repairs Support Programme pan India. 

What  is WheelsEye doing under this Programme?

  1. Urgent Repairs / Spares: Wheelseye is helping with Roadside Assistance in case of breakdowns/emergencies or when there is a need for a spare part urgently.
  2. Access to the Right Dealer / Mechanic & Special Deals:  
    • Right Choice of Service Provider: Wheelseye will help Truckers by reaching out to the right mechanic/dealer/repair shop which is operational and capable of solving their problems.  
    • Right Price: We are also negotiating the price of service / spare parts to ensure that our Customers can get fair deals.  
    • Timely Delivery: We will also try ensuring timely delivery of the service / spare parts by the coordinator with the service provider. 
  3. Any Assistance during Emergencies: Wheelseye is supporting operators in Emergency Situations in any way practically possible. Our Customer Support team is reachable for any assistance at all times.

Reach out to us by filling the above form with details of the Assistance required:

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List of Services Offered through our Network- 

  • Engine Overhaul minor
  • Leaf spring (Patti) repair and replacement
  • Axle/ crown overhaul
  • Gearbox repair
  • Brake repair
  • Tyre replacement (On location delivery)
  • Battery replacement
  • Minor electrical issues (Alternator / Starter / Fuse / Lights)
  • Crane Service

Click here to find out how we helped out a Truck Owner in Maharashtra within 2 hours during this Lockdown!

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