Transport Related News

Transport Related News

Why have Truck Freight Rates Risen 20% – 35% during Lockdown 4.0?

Lockdown 4.0 has seen a rise in truck freight rates by 20%-35% across industries. For example:  As per the President of  All India Motor Transport Corporation (AIMTC), “A truck coming from Pune to Delhi, carrying grapes, is now costing Rs 90,000 against the Rs 70,000 earlier as we ar

How will a 6 months Moratorium Impact your future Cash Flows?

As we wrote earlier in this article, the RBI has extended the 3 months moratorium on loan EMIs for another 3 months ie till August 31st. As a borrower, it is important to understand how your future cash flows will get impacted by opting for a 6 months moratorium. If you opt for a 6 months moratorium

Two tyres burst at the same time

Incident WE02_13th May,2020 Mr Vikas is the proud owner of an Eicher Pro 3015 truck, which he uses as a regular day truck. Full of vegetables, the truck was scheduled for an urgent delivery to Gujrat by early morning of 16th May, 2020. But an unexpected mishap happened – two tyres of his truck burst

Karnataka Exempts Goods Vehicles from Paying MV Tax & Two-way Tax

Acting on the demands of the struggling Transport Industry, the Karnataka Government has exempted Commercial Vehicles (including Goods Vehicles) from paying Motor Vehicles Tax ie MV Tax for the period between 24th March to 23rd May. This has been enacted due to the hardships faced by the Transport S

AITWA releases Detailed Views on the Government’s Relief Package

The All India Transporters’ Welfare Association (AITWA) has issued a Press Release expressing its views towards the Government’s 20 lakh crores relief package. The release highlights in detail the hardships being faced by Small Truck Operators, Truck Drivers, and Transport Companies. It

Changing Consumer Demand Patterns to affect Truck Demand

The Coronavirus pandemic is leading to a significant change in consumer demand behaviour globally. For the trucking community, it is important to understand how their customers i.e. manufacturers are adjusting to these changes, since it will have a direct impact on truck demand. Knowledge of which c

Lockdown 4.0 vs Lockdown 3.0 – What has changed? What remains the same?

Lockdown 4.0 guidelines have brought in many changes as compared to Lockdown 3.0. While many relaxations have been provided, many activities still remain prohibited. With these changes we should see a rise in truck movement across industries. Let’s first have a look at what has changed between

Lockdown 4.0: What’s the highlight in this Phase for Truckers?

Yesterday (on 17th May), the Central Government  extended the Lockdown into a 4th phase, which will now continue till 31st May 2020. MHA – Order Extension – 17.05.2020Download Major takeaways to note for the trucking community are as below:   State & UT Governments will be respons

Is there anything for Transporters in the Govt’s Economic Package?

The Honourable Prime Minister announced on 12th May that the Government has come up with a Rs.20 lakh crores stimulus package for reviving India’s economy in the aftermath of the Corona Pandemic. The PM’s announcement has been followed by detailed policy releases by the Finance Minister targeted tow

India’s FASTag Mandate to prove Beneficial in times of Covid

The Indian Government had made FASTags mandatory for all vehicles passing through toll gates at National Highways, starting from 15th January, 2020. Although the magnitude of the Coronavirus pandemic was unforeseen back then, this switch to Online Toll Collection will prove to be a massive enabler f

Finding loads now becomes easy with WheelsEye!

We realized that our fleet owners are facing a common issue of finding demands or loads amidst the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. So, we have launched a service in which we will try to help you find loads around the Delhi NCR region. We would request you to share your personal and tru

E-Way Bill Extension not Valid if Part-B Not Generated

Those E-Way bills for which only Part-A had been generated and Part-B was yet to be updated, won’t get extended as per the above notifications. Transporters, especially those plying in part-load / sundry etc should be aware that consignments lying in their godowns from before the lockdown with

A Checklist of Measures to keep your Workplace & Team Safe

During the Exit 2.0 (or, Lockdown 3.0) phase, businesses are gradually re-opening across the country. As offices, factories and warehouses resume operations, it is vital to keep in mind that the threat of Coronavirus continues to persist and necessary precautions should be taken. We have prepared a

Major relief for Truckers as E-way Bill validity gets extended to 31st May

Notification No.  40/2020-Central Tax, dated 05/05/2020 The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs Central Tax extended the validity of e-way bills till 31.05.2020 for all those e-way bills which were generated on or before 24.03.2020 and had expiry between the period from 20.03.2020 to 15

Govt Helpline Launched for Transporters / Drivers: 1930 & 1033

Earlier today (3rd May), the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) have released two Helpline Numbers for assistance related to Goods Transportation: MHA – Helpline ArticleDownload 1930 – This helpline number is for the benefit of Drivers / Transporters

Gadkari asks States to Expedite Clearance of 3.5 Lakh Stranded Trucks

The Covid-19 lockdown has turned out to be a testing time for all Indians. The country’s logistics sector has also faced a lot of roadblocks during this period. However, the sector is trying hard to recover, as evidenced by a slow but steady rise in truck mobility figures, as mentioned in our

Truck Mobility shows Steady Improvement – Expected to Improve Further

As we approach the end of Phase 3 of the Lockdown, India continues its fight against Covid-19. While the majority of Indians remain at home, the Supply Chain of Essential Goods has been kept running due to the hard work of transporters, truck-owners and most importantly, truck drivers. Over the last

Book through us and get free sanitization

Trucks being stranded for a long period of time are at risk of having engine damage problems or tyre issues. We at Wheelseye are trying to take all your worries and therefore in collaboration with BharatBenz are providing service and repair for BharatBenz’s make trucks in West Bengal. Pick up

Your Truck’s care is now in your hands

During this lockdown, it is paramount for every truck-owner to take necessary steps for the upkeep of their trucks, while they remain parked and stationary for long periods of time. This will help in the prevention of vehicle breakdowns once the lockdown is lifted.  An average Indian truck-owne

Toll collection on national highways to resume from April 20

The ministry of transport has authorised the NHAI to collect toll on national highways from 20th April, Monday. In view of the coronavirus outbreak, Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Nitin Gadkari had temporarily suspended the collection of toll at all toll plaza across India on 25th

WheelsEye Launches Massive Truck Maintenance / Repairs Support Programme

India’s Trucking Community has gone through an extremely tough phase during the Coronavirus lockdowns. In fact, truck mobility still needs to rise significantly to reach pre-Corona volumes.  Seeing the difficulties faced by truck drivers in this phase, WheelsEye has introduced a new service whe

Big Relief to Transportation sector from Lockdown announced after April 20

India with a population of 1.3 billion is under lockdown which is the biggest and the boldest decision the world has ever seen and is now extended till May 3,2020. While the goal is to keep the countrymen safe from this pandemic, the announcement on April 14,2020 also came with some good news for th

Logistics fights back after Corona in China – Hope for all

The Covid-19 lockdown has paused the Indian Economy and consequently, India’s logistics sector as well. Naturally, truck-owners must be worried how and when the recovery will begin – and even if it does anytime soon, will it be quick enough?  If we look at what happened to the Chinese Log

A big salute and a heartfelt thank you to our Transport Industry

The recent Covid-19 induced lockdown has sensitized Indians towards the enormous contribution of health workers, police personnel, public officials, shopkeepers etc. But an important segment of selfless contributors have unfortunately gone unnoticed. These are the lacs of truck drivers, who have kep

Insurance exempted from Lockdown – A Big Relief for all

With the country coming to a standstill amid the CoronaVirus pandemic people are facing numerous issues regarding health and motor policy renewals/premium payment. Keeping this in mind, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has announced some measures for both policyhol

E-Way Bill Validity Extended. Know the date and details

Notification No.  35/2020-Central Tax, dated 03/04/2020 In yet another measure to ease the life for truckers amidst the disruption due to lockdown, the Government has extended the validity of all e-way bills and deferred the restriction of 10% on input tax credit under GST. This comes as a reli

EMI Moratorium: Good or Bad? Let’s Find Out!

Is it Beneficial or Harmful to opt for the 3 Months Moratorium on EMI Payment (provided by public & private banks)?  In wake of the country-wide lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, economic activities have been severely disrupted. The RBI, in an attempt to prevent the common man from fee


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