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FASTag Technology and Benefits


What is FASTag?

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India, operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It employs Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making toll payments directly from the attached wallet.

How FASTag works?

FASTag works by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. … FASTag is affixed to the windscreen of the vehicle and the vehicle can be driven through the toll plazas without making a stopover for transactions.

What are its benefits?

  • Ease of payment-There is no need to stop at the tolling center for any cash transaction
  • No stoppage of a vehicle means lower wastage of fuel
  • Ease of recharge, FASTag can be recharged online using internet banking, debit, or credit card.
  • Online Portal for users
  • Cashback Incentives
  • Free of cost Tag delivery

How to buy a FASTag?

You can directly call to our customer care number 9990033455 (OR)
Go to the wheelseye website that is www.wheelseye.com. After clicking on “Buy FASTag” , you need to enter your personal details along with vehicle details.Post compilation of form, you will get a call back from our sales team.

How does FASTag calculate charges for round trips?


FASTag is designed to pass the benefits of round trip savings automatically. Toll
Charges are different for a single trip (i.e pass a specific toll once) and for a round trip (i.e passing a specific toll plaza twice in the stipulated time). This is how it is calculated.
if Single Trip costs Rs. 30 and a round trip costs Rs. 45, then the following happens

  • The first time a customer crosses the toll, Rs. 30 is deducted from the FASTag.
  • When the customer comes back, then the difference between Rs. 45 and Rs. 30, which is Rs. 15 is deducted.
  • If the customer crosses the toll again, then s/he is charged Rs. 30


Documentation & Validation

What documents are needed for purchase?

The following documents are required at the time fo FASTag purchase –

  • Aadhar Card
  • Vehicle RC
  • PAN Card

How to check if the tag I bought is correct?

To check your Tag status go through with the attached sheet –

Recharge Related Issue

How to recharge?

  • Step1:- Open your Operator App and go to the FASTag Section.
  • Step2:- Here you can see your wallet balance. To add more amount please fill the amount as per your choice and then tap on “+Add Money”
  • Step3:- Select suitable payment mode such as UPI, Debit/Credit card, Netbanking, and complete your transaction.
  • Step4:- Now, you can see the added amount under wallet balance.
  • Step5:- Now, scroll down this page where you can see all your vehicle details, please tap on the “Recharge” option that is showing against each vehicle.
  • Step6:- Enter the required amount and then tap on “Pay”.

Why am I not able to recharge my FASTag?

Following is the list of possible reasons –

  • FASTag is blacklisted by IDFC bank
  • You are using multiple FASTag and the old one is blacklisted by other banks
  • Payment has been declined by the bank
  • You don’t have sufficient balance in your bank account
  • The payment page has been refresher before the compilation of transaction
  • You are entering a wrong OTP / Password

How much should I recharge?

There are no lower and upper limits, you can add money as per your requirement.

Toll Deduction Related

Why is my tag not working?

Following is the list of the possible reason for Tag not working –

  • Low balance in FASTag
  • Blacklisted by IDFC bank
  • You are using multiple FASTag and the old one is blacklisted by other banks
  • It could be a fault of a particular toll plaza
  • FASTag has been destroyed

What is a debit adjustment?

If complete toll fare has not been deducted at the time of toll crossing, then the toll will automatically be deducted the pending amount and the same entry will reflect in the system as “Debit Adjustment”.
(Ex:- If you are crossing a toll plaza and the actual toll fare is Rs 200. Let’s suppose for the first time only Rs 150 has been deducted from FASTag. In this situation, after some time Toll will automatically deduct the rest of Rs 50).

Why is the extra amount deducted from my tag?

Following are the possible reason for Extra toll deduction

  • You have received a wrong FASTag of higher class (Ex:- You have a LCV however wrongly received FASTag of Bus/Truck)
  • It could be an issue with the respective toll plaza

How to raise tickets for wrong toll transactions and how to upload toll deduction related documents?

  • Step1:- Open your operator app and go to the FASTAG section.
  • Step2:- Tap on that particular vehicle number by which wrong deduction has happened
  • Step3:- Tap on “Debit” Transaction and go to the disputed entry
  • Step4:- Now, tap on “Raise Ticket” which is showing at bottom right corner
  • Step5:- Select the appropriate problem statement
  • Step6:- Upload the related document such as vehicle RC, Cash Transaction slip and finally tap on Submit.

My tag is blacklisted. What should I do?

If your tag is blacklisted by IDFC bank, then you can call on our helpline number 9990033455. If the tag is blacklisted by some other bank then connect to the respective bank.

App Related

Why is my vehicle not showing on the app?

Might be you have given a different mobile number at the time of registration. Please cross verify and login with the correct mobile number.

What is auto-recharge? How can I enable it?

Auto recharge is a feature of our mobile app. You can set an amount which will be automatically transferred from wallet to FASTag once FASTag balance becomes zero. Please, follow the mentioned steps to enable auto recharge –

  • Step 1:- Open your operator app and go to the FASTag section
  • Step 2:- Go to that particular vehicle for which you want to enable auto recharge.
  • Step 3:- Tap on “Auto Recharge” option and after than tap on “Maintain balance” which is next to the “Auto recharge” option
  • Step 4:- Select the amount as per your requirement.

How do I replace my FASTag?

  • Step1:- Open your operator app and go to the FASTag section
  • Step2:- Tap on that particular vehicle for which you want to replace your FASTag
  • Step3:- Tap on “Click to Change” option which is showing under the “Expense Summary”
  • Step4:- After that select the “Tag type” as “Same colour Tag”
  • Step5:- Now, fill the required details such as Pin Code, Address, landmark,City, State, contact details, Name and then tap on “Raise ticket”

Problem Resolution TAT

I’ve raised a complaint related to the wrong toll deduction on toll plaza, by when it will be resolved?

It will get resolved within 25 – 30 bank working days.

I’ve raised a complaint related to the FASTag replacement, by when will I get my FASTag?

In Case of destroyed FASTag, It will be delivered within 7 – 10 days
In Case of a different FASTag, It will be delivered within 15 – 20 days

 I’ve raised a request for the FASTag closer, by when it will get closed?

It will get resolved within 25 – 30 bank working days.

I’ve raised a complaint for Blacklisted FASTag, by when it will get resolved?

It will get resolved within 15 – 20 days.

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